Photography Challenge: Faceless Self Portrait

Wow these past few weeks have been super insanely busy! Good busy though…summer fun with the kids!

My motivation to share the photos I have been taking has waned quite a bit though. It’s one of those times that I think every photographer goes through. I’ve had to force myself to take photos and then share them. Sometimes my passion feels like work, which it is! So what do you when you don’t want to pick up the camera? Or don’t want to share the photos you have been taking? Do it anyway…

So over the next 10 days, each day I will share one photo and finish the challenge I began in June. I’m making up my own rules now and am going to finish up the challenge only with photos I took on our camping trip to Lake Tahoe.

This photo was taken by my husband…my faceless self portrait…the caption should read, “this is how Amy does camping” :)

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