It almost wasn’t…

This little sneak peek goes out to this precious boy who in the beginning wanted absolutely nothing to do with me or my scary camera! By the grace of God though…a little tiny white ladybug landed on his arm and it broke the ice between he and I. He thought it was funny when I screamed like a girl as the ladybug crawled to my camera’s viewfinder. Hey buddy…I’m scared of bugs…ok?? :) :) This guy ended up being so fun I could have spent another hour photographing him. Maybe in a few months…right Mom? :)

The moral of this story is…keep with it, because what starts like this…

…will soon turn into this…

Oh! and I forgot to add…this little man’s family was the recipient of my Facebook session giveaway. I can’t wait to share more of their images!! I love giving away sessions too…I will give away another one when I hit 1000 fans. That is quite far off…so go “like” my page and see how quickly I can give away another session!

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