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I’ve decided that since I haven’t blogged in about two weeks or so that I need to jump back on the horse and get to blogging. I’ll be honest with you, I clicked this blog shut and didn’t want to open it again when I received more than one comment degrading my photography to its core.

I have really debated even mentioning anything about it on here. I’m a private person who has chosen to put myself out in public with this little piece of online world. I realized, if I’m going to feel safe again, I have to put myself out there.

I’m really not going to say much about it except this piece of friendly advice for anyone who frequents blogs, mine or any others: Is what we are about to comment on a blog, facebook, send in an email or text; lovely, edifying, encouraging and kind?  I’m not naive to think that we all are just such happy people and so kind to everyone we meet. I have no intention of creating photography that appeals to every single person’s senses…wow…how boring would that be?! I just want us all to be straight up *kind* to each other, even to strangers. Isn’t our time precious? Do we really have the *time* to write or say hateful things? Maybe some people do. Shame.

These little incidents have helped me to make the decision to remove comments from my blog. I am extremely thankful to those who take the time to stop by here, whether it is for a moment or two, whether you enjoy my photography or feel it is for someone else to enjoy. I hope that if you feel the desire to interact with me you will visit my Facebook page. I hope one day I feel the safety to reinstate comments…maybe.

Now enough of that! I feel a need to post about random things, and post random photos…

Do you have an iPhone? Are you on Instagram yet? I love that app. It is super fun for taking photos and putting that extra edge on them. I also love seeing photos that my friends take all across the world. There are some great apps for Instagram and one is Instagrid.me where you can quickly see a grid of your friend’s instagram photos. Hover over the photos to see the captions! (What am I selling this or something? Instagram doesn’t even know I exist!!)

I love taking nice, edited professional photos and I also love taking snapshots. I take my phone everywhere I go so I always have a camera. Here’s a snapshot of my last few weeks! We have had a FUN SUMMER!

fun instagram photos for every day!

I’m gearing up for a Q&A blog post! I don’t claim to know even half of what I should about photography, but I do get questions and I LOVE to share what I know! Facebook or Formspring me to ask cause asking on the blog won’t work :) :)

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