He wanted ice cream…and to be sung to…

I remember 6 years ago…he was 10 days late. I was impatient, and huge, and wanted desperately to know if he was a boy or a girl. While walking the hospital grounds his Daddy and I debated over girl’s names, we couldn’t decide…but we had our boy name chosen long before…Zachary Wade. 3 1/2 hours later, our Zach was born, I wanted a boy so desperately bad. His name means, “God Remembers” and on that day He certainly did. He remembered how much I wanted him, a little man, someone to carry on our name, someone for my husband to play catch with and a mama’s boy to cuddle. He is everything I wanted…and more. His temper has mellowed, but his red hair has not. He loves cars, riding his bike, pestering the dog and he got a bat & ball for his birthday.

The family got together and had ice cream, sang Happy Birthday and watched him open gift after gift specifically catered to boys. Legos. Robots. Stuff to put together and eventually take apart (his newest obsession!).

I sure love that boy.

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