Tonight, it was oreo cookies…

We were driving home from going out to dinner, just the three of us, Daddy, Lily and Mommy. The big kids were away and we always count any time alone with Lily as precious. The light shone through the car windows and I immediately wished I had my camera with me. I’m not in that habit anymore, of taking my camera with me everywhere. I need to get back into it.

We got home, I rushed to find something cute and whimsy for Lily to wear…no luck. We went outside and the light was gone. I had promised her an oreo cookie and couldn’t go back on my word, we spent 5 minutes in the front lawn, watching the darkness settle.

I’m satisfied…but tomorrow night I think we’ll try again…I still have some oreo cookies left :)

ps. These images were processed with Amanda Keeys photoshop actions, “Bliss” and “Soft Blue” from her Journey set. I use Amanda’s actions 99.99% of the time. Come back to the blog on MONDAY for a super fun announcement!!

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