Crafty…Different Shaped Bokeh…

Christmas time is the best time to practice your bokeh making skills (the blurry background of your photos, usually looks like circles, see yesterday’s post for an example.) Bokeh happens when you use a wide aperture, all the following photos were taken at 1.8f. Making different shaped bokeh can be achieved with special filters you can buy and place on your lens, but I prefer to spend zero $ and just made filters myself.

Use a black piece of paper, cut a shape into it (like a tiny heart for example) and place it in front of your lens. Take a photo through the shape, and your bokeh turns into the shape that you cut out. Super cool isn’t it? Try it out! Difficulty level on a scale of 1-10 is about a zero 🙂 Just remember to use a wide aperture or you can also manual focus your lens, which is what I did to the next photo.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a play-dough snowman with heart bokeh…

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