Why I love photographing families…

Maybe it’s because I, myself, am a part of a young family. Maybe it’s because to me, there isn’t anything more important than family. Or maybe it is because of the cuddles I get at the end of the photo session from the tiny subjects. I love knowing that they had a good time, that they weren’t scarred for life by the photographer lady (which I know happens all too much in mall studios where they just need to get on to the next paying family). I love seeing how other moms and dads parent their kids and the ways they have fun together. I love being a part of their family, just for an hour or two. I love being let into the children’s little personalities and the challenge it brings me to sweetly break through those little walls that some children put up when a camera is close by. I happen to love photographing shy children, I love seeing their hearts open and by the end of our session they are holding my hand and helping me take the pictures 🙂

My last family session of the year was with close friends. My little family joined our session and I loved how it changed the atmosphere of our time together, six kids all having fun together just warms my heart to its core.

I admit, this little one is right in the middle of my favorite age, 2 years old. She’s the baby of the family, the only girl with two older brothers. Life is fun, exciting, new and big. Her little vocab is so precious, her sentences would jump out of her mouth and take me by surprise! She is truly a precious gift to her family.

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