15 minutes with ____

As a very busy mom, wife, friend and photographer, I don’t always have a lot of time to photograph exactly what I want to in my personal life. Sometimes I only have a few minutes here, a few minutes there…more importantly, sometimes my kids will only give me 10-15 minutes of good picture taking time before they are bored and off to the next fun thing to do. Of course I love taking photos where I am just a fly on the wall and the true “lifestyle” portion of my photography gets a good workout! But sometimes I do want those posed photos where I have my kids’ full attention.

I’ve been photographing in quick bursts for quite a few years now and I have to tell you, it works. I don’t necessarily set a timer, but I am very aware of how long I am taking with a child (whether my own child or a client). It’s important to not tire your child out with the camera so that every time you pull it out they run the other direction. If you make it a fun time, and it is quick, they will be more than willing to be your little model.

I hope to make this an ongoing series of what great things can happen with you and your camera in just 15 minutes. Now, I was able to get 15 minutes out of my 8 year old, but next time I will demonstrate how to work in less time with a younger child.

Our goal in these little sessions are not to get earth shattering photos, but the goal is to get good photos. If you come away with something that is portfolio worthy, big props to you, but don’t go into your mini-mini-session thinking you are going to get an award winning photograph. Don’t stress yourself out and get upset when your child doesn’t “cooperate”. Just approach your 15/10/5 minute session with ease and relaxation and you might just end up with a photo you truly cherish.

Here’s 15 minutes with Abby…

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