So much more…

Over the past month or so, my life has definitely shifted into a different role than I have experienced before. I have become a full time homeschooling Mom of three children. I am also still a photographer, taking on just a couple sessions a month. In order to mesh these two worlds of mine, I will be shifting around the things that I post on Facebook and here on my blog! More of my homeschool life, more of my DIY efforts, more of my life as a MOM and much more of my life as a God-Fearing woman!! This will be in addition to posting my client sessions and photos that I love. I feel that I’m not just “Amy Schuff Photography” anymore…but I am more than that. Photography is just a small part of who I am. So that being said…stay along this journey with me…especially if you are a Mom/Photographer who wants a kindred spirit…I look forward to seeing where God moves and takes the place of this online world that I call home.

And since I can’t post anything without a picture…here’s a random macro photo of a caterpillar. Abby named him “Verde”. Homeschool Win.



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