31 days of actually enjoying homeschool.

The thought of writing anything for 31 days straight is beyond daunting for me. I can take a photo for 31 days straight, I can post on Instagram for 365 days straight, but writing…here…on my blog…every day…isn’t just daunting…it’s downright scary.

If you read my last blog post you know that the Lord is bringing me into a season of asking more of me. I love that He’s challenging me to not just be a mom, photographer or teacher, he’s asking for ALL of me, not just bits and pieces. Part of that is His request that I write. I’ve always been a writer…in secret. I’ve kept a journal since I knew how to write. I’ve written stories, poems, posts that were never published, I’ve even *gasp* written some fanfiction (and no way am I sharing any more on that subject!) But here on my blog I’ve usually stuck to a photo or two with a caption and that’s it.

I’ve always known that I can write better than I can talk. I often get hung up on my words, tripping over them like I’ve just learned how to speak. But when I have paper in front of me…or a computer…I know I can say anything I want to.

So I’ve decided to participate in The Nester’s 31 days and my subject this month is on something that is so important to me right now…Homeschooling.

I know many, many women can write on this subject, but I hope I can give you a little bit of a different perspective.

Homeschooling to me is light. It’s freedom. It’s the sun and the wind and the breeze and everything that makes my heart settle and soar. It’s fun. So very very much fun. Maybe not all the time…but the heart and soul of it is amazing. If you’re a homeschooling mom…can you say the same thing? Or is your homeschool journey full of the “have to’s” instead of the “want to’s” ? Do you feel like you’re thriving as you become your child’s teacher? Or is each day a battle for survival? Do you actually enjoy homeschooling your children? 

Even if you don’t homeschool your children, I feel like this month will still speak to your heart as a stay at home mom, or a mom who works full time but takes advantage of every opportunity she has with her children.

So come along with me as I take you through our homeschooling journey over the next 31 days. We’ll talk and laugh and bask in the presence of our Creator under the gorgeous sunlight in my sunroom schoolhouse (<—that will be explained as well!)

This post will be updated with each day’s link.

Day 1: Intro and what homeschooling means to me. 

Day 2: What does MOM want to do?  

Day 3: I don’t try to keep up

Day 4: HELP!

Day 5: I owe $3.80 to the library

Day 6: Instagram made me love homeschooling mothers

Day 7 : The TV is my T.A.

Day 8: Curriculum choices are cray cray (yep…I said cray cray)

Day 9 : You’ve got to be called

Day 10: The 15 minute method

Day 11: The gift of worship

Day 12: The freedom of homeschooling

Day 13: Unscheduled breaks

Day 14: Once in a while…catch pollywogs

Day 15: Embracing the “want to”

Day 16: Find your trifecta of fun

Day 17: To the mothers just starting out

Day 18: The best homeschool tool in the world

Day 19: In each other’s corner

Day 20: What did we do today? 

Day 21: Beyond School

Day 22: Life lesson day template

Day 23: Pray about all of it

Day 24: The one-room schoolhouse

Day 25: Worry Less

Day 26: Living History…Living Science

Day 27: Boldly Go

Day 28: Homeschool and the working mom

Day 29: Enjoying our kids

Day 30: Q & A




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