What does MOM want to do?

Let’s face it…if us as homeschooling moms aren’t having any fun…then our kids won’t have any fun either. I have realized that I love to be outside, not going going going and doing lots of things outside…just the act of BEING outside is enough to recharge my homeschooling soul.

We have a sunroom off the back of our house. I remember the day we first took a tour through our soon to be house. It was dark, dingy and old. The walls in the modest but tall living room were dark brown and dark blue. Who does that?! I could see through the mess though and could picture white vaulted ceilings and tall white walls. After mentalling assessing how long it would take me (*ahem…my husband) to paint the walls…I saw it, a small carpeted room through sliding glass doors. It had wall to wall windows where the sun beamed in and you could see the sky. That was it…this was my home. It was a foreclosure so we waited for months for it to be ours, but I wasn’t giving up. I saw the sun and it was mine.

It’s now my One Room Sunroom Schoolhouse and when we do our work in there it feels like we are outside. We all love it.

So as the mom…what do you like to do? If you like to read…then read to your children! If you love science, do science all day! If you love field trips, getting out of the house and learning hands on…then GO! Put away the little school desks that so easily confine us and go. Spread a blanket down in the backyard and do math. Ditch the workbooks and teach by cooking if your passion is for food. The joy of homeschooling is that we can literally teach our children however we so please. So teach them through a heart that is having fun!

If Mama is happy…every single child will learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it (wise words said to me just this week from a fellow homeschool mom!!)

So…what makes Mom happy? Write it down, all the things that bring a smile to YOUR face. Then those things…go do them…and include your children.

Our Sunroom Schoolroom according to Instagram :) ……..

Amy Schuff - Sunroom Homeschool Room


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