Unscheduled Breaks

Unscheduled Breaks…

I’m totally in the middle of one right now. We went out of town for a few days. It’s the country out here and we love it. I also have next to zero internet connection, hence the no picture because I can’t upload anything.

So I brought our math books, but honestly, bringing them is just silly. Unless I have the sudden urge to talk about subtraction rather than let the kids run around the hills and try to find lizards…we probably won’t crack the books.

The thing is, out here, I feel like we can school the way I actually want to. No expectations of getting things done at home, no lure of getting handwriting practice over with so they can play on the ipad. I’m not thinking about what other 5th graders are doing and if mine put in a full days work. I don’t care that the math book sits for days. I’m not stressing. I’m not freaking out. I welcome the rest.

When we have unscheduled breaks…they turn into not being breaks at all. They’re actually more full and fun than any day we could have at home. The only way I can figure out how to mirror this in our house is if we move to a farm with lots of land. But since that isn’t going to happen any time soon, I need to take my own advice, keep working on chilling out and just *be*.

Do you need to take a break? A spur of the moment, throw the workbooks out the window, grab your drawing pencils and journals, find a magnifying glass and a jar to hold bugs in, get dirty and smelly and happy kind of unscheduled break?

Maybe then what you consider a “break” from school will actually become your norm?




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