Every once in a while…catch pollywogs

**I’ve been out of town, in a place with no wifi. So here’s day 14’s post finally able to upload. I wrote it on the 14th. I’m no cheater… :)


Today all three of my kids fell in a creek. They loved it. I watched as they jumped from rock to rock, dipping their hands into the muddy creek water, discovering pollywogs well on their way to becoming frogs. The water was bone chilling, but they didn’t care, pollywogs are a new phenomenon to my city living kids.

Even the 5 year old was knee deep in the water, yelling out “I got one!” to her siblings close by and the new friends they had just made. A white bucket filled to the brim with sticky sludge, creek water and hundreds of pollywogs followed them whereever they waded.

The schoolhouse today was a creek. The pollywogs was their science lesson. Even Mama got lesson today too in tolerance and patience as each child “accidently” fell in the water and soaked the only pair of tennis shoes we brought on our trip.

It’s a memory, an adventure. It was our entire homeschool day.


Now if we were home I would have loved to have taken this opportunity to look up the life cycle of frogs or what happens to standing creek water or the cycle of a body of water. There are so many things to learn about in just one area of nature!! Next week when we are home the kids and I will talk about this day and dig a little deeper into the “why’s” of it all. That my friends…is the way to do it :)


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