In each other’s corner…

At the beginning of these 31 days, I wrote about how us homeschooling moms need help, especially in the form of family members and spouses. I needed to come around and hit on it again to tell you truly how important that is. I couldn’t homeschool without the help of my husband. He truly helps. He is a hands on Dad who doesn’t just stay with the kids while I work, he actually does school with them and encourages our 24/7 learning ideal. Again, I know that some of you don’t have that luxury, your husbands work long hours. But I’m telling you…if you’re trying to homeschool alone and especially work outside or inside the home without help, then you will burn yourself to a crisp.

I had an amazing conversation with my husband the other day, he was talking about this new iPad game Zach was playing. It’s not an educational game at all, but my husband was pointing out all ways this game was teaching Zach math skills. The game is all about racing cars, they have to earn money and buy upgrades for their cars, dealing with big amounts of cash. It also requires a bit of reading too. I looked into my husband’s gorgeous eyes and said, “How did you get so on board with this way of homeschooling?” His reply was simple, “I’m your biggest fan, so if you believe in it, I do too.”

If I didn’t have him in my corner…I couldn’t be the mom I am today.

In order for us to have fun in any of this homeschooling stuff…we need our guys in our corner. We need him to support us 100%. If you’re homeschooling alone or with a spouse who isn’t on board with it, then I would encourage you to keep praying for his heart, that it would be turned towards this way of education and so you both and experience how amazingly fun teaching your own children can be. Homeschooling requires a full paradigm shift, especially when you or your spouse comes from a traditional school background. So be patient and keep praying :)







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