On Dreaming….

Staring at a blank screen.

The urge to click the keys presses on my stomach like a punch and a hug all at the same time.

What is it that is on my heart? And if I knew…would I even be able to type it out? I will try…

My heart is bursting and yet there is no room for what is inside to come to the surface.

In order for dreams to take flight…they need to be encouraged, coaxed, fanned and breathed into. Many a dream have died slow deaths because they have turned into monotonous “have to’s”.

What happened to the passion that once filled your soul? And did you ever even figure out what it was?

Once the words came to light, did you quickly blow out the flame? Worried that the tiny spark would catch fire and then who even knows what you would have to do?

See, that spark isn’t going to go away. Even if you keep blowing it out every time it comes to the surface, it will just keep coming back. Like a trick birthday candle, you can try as hard as you can but it will never cease to light, unless you decide to clutch it out of the birthday cake and plunge it into water…killing the very thing that a moment ago gave you so much laughter and joy.

Maybe this is my new normal, my new way of journaling. A string of thoughts that morph into a sentence and then a paragraph and then one day you, my reader, pick up the pieces and own the story for yourself.

All I know is that I’m tired of plunging dreams into water. I’m tired of attempting to blow out the flame, and being unsuccessful.

Because if God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31-32)

No one but ourselves.

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