This is the day…isn’t it?

The other day I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend. We talked for 2 1/2 hours through kids in and out of our rooms (we were on the computer!), through laughter and finding common ground. We are both homeschooling moms of young children and besides that, we also have many other things that link us.

I keep thinking about something that she said to me, and I had to ask her again what her exact words were because they impacted me so much. She challenged me to “surrender” each day. To not just get up, grab our coffee and attack the day, but to surrender it first. When I get up in the morning, am I really prepared? Do I surrender? I’ve got the hardest job in the world and the most important, raising God fearing children, am I prepping each day correctly?

No, I can honestly say I am not.

Then I just read on Jessi’s blog Naptime Diaries (if you don’t follow her, please do!!) how she is shifting her writing, to inspire the mom at the beginning of the day, not just the end.

At the end of our days we are so tired, so spent, so exhausted. I know this. I do. I promise. We need encouragement at the end of the day. We need an “atta girl” when the day didn’t go so well. When school was thrown out the window, when a child just wouldn’t put a smile on their face all day.

But the beginning of the day is where we prepare for those battles. Not after we’re already in the middle of them. How can we fight a battle we have not fully engaged in?

As a child I remember waking up to the smell of coffee and aftershave. My dad would be in his prayer room, worshipping on his guitar and praying loudly. My mom would pad around the house in her robe, with her coffee in one hand and her well worn Bible in the other.

I don’t just want to start the day with the Lord just to show my kids it can be done. I want to start my day off with the Lord to show my kids I WANT it to be done.

Let’s surrender this day, shall we? With the full armor and everything. Because this is the day the Lord has made. It’s going to be awesome.

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