yellow bells (sacramento child photography)

Every year we look forward to taking photos in the yellow mustard flowers that pop up here in our part of Sacramento. My little family is so supportive and really allows me to photograph them when I want to. They know how much the yellow flowers mean to me! The sun wasn’t exactly in the right spot yet for the big yellow field, so we drove over to my favorite park for a couple minutes. It was absolutely glorious. The sun was perfect, filtered right through the bare trees, and tiny little bell flowers were growing in bunches, (or maybe they were buttercups? I would love someone to point that out for me!)

Here’s just one photo from this evening, and a plea…if you have been putting off having a photo session done, please contact me right now. This is the most wonderful time of the year for photos and I promise you, if you want them done, NOW is the time. The field of yellow flowers is already starting to be mowed, and these sweet bell flowers will only last a short time. So use this link to contact me so we can set up an easy, lighthearted sunset evening together, where I capture your family just being you.

Sacramento Family Photography, Amy Schuff

ps. It feels amazing to photograph in color after a full month of black and white!!!

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