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Over the past year or so I have really been digging deep into trying to become the photographer I’ve always wanted to be. This doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly arrived, actually the opposite. It means that I’m finding little snippets, little glimpses of that person, the person who takes the photos I see forming in my mind.

Photographers in my area (Sacramento, CA) are seriously a dime a dozen (and believe me, there are some amazing photographers here! I am so blessed to call quite a few of them my friends!) Because though, I work in one of the most saturated cities in the country, I’ve been so bent on trying to figure out how to make myself stand out and be different from the rest. In doing this, I missed the mark, the mark that says this is a gift God gave me that was always intended to glorify Him.

I glorify Him by calling my clients friends, by truly caring about their brand new babies, by being sincerely excited that a past client wants me to come back and photograph them again. This job that I do means more to me than a dollar sign, it’s my way to express the love and careful details of each family. I’ve never met two families who are exactly alike, and that keeps me on my toes. But each family I do meet is so wonderfully unique, and the details that make them a family is what I absolutely love to capture.

Sacramento Family Photography

Sacramento Family Photography

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