First thoughts on the Nikon 24mm 1.8f

Getting a new lens is so exciting! I had been researching and really contemplating what my next lens purchase would be and I thought it was going to be the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4f, but on a whim, I ordered the Nikon 24mm 1.8f. My reasoning was, I already have the Nikon 35mm 2f and I never, ever use it. I wasn’t sure if getting another 35mm, no matter how great the glass or depth of field (aperture) would change the way I shoot with a 35mm.

So (against everyone’s recommendation!) I bypassed the Sigma and got a 24mm. Did I want to get the 1.4f? Absolutely, but at a price tag of $2000 held me back and I got it’s baby sister, the 1.8 at around $800.

Honestly, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even been able to take the lens out but just once, to photograph my girl on our front steps as the sun was going down. My first thoughts, I’m not extremely impressed. Not like I was when I shot with the 50mm 1.4f for the first time (that lens is gorgeous and so affordable as well!) But what I need to do is get out into an open field to see the vastness of the lens, and then take photos of the kids in their rooms, to see how wide I can shoot.

We are going on a roadtrip soon and I’m very excited to use this lens while trekking through the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park! It should do exactly what I want, which is capture the whole scene, while not taking us so far away that we lose all detail of where we are at.

I’ll come back after the trip and update you on the Nikon 24mm 1.8f lens! Do you have this lens? Do you love it? Tell me about it please!

(All images taken with a Nikon d700, iso 1000, 1.8f and 1/500-1/800 ss.)


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