Our Homeschooling May…

“Cops and robbers. Mud pies. Scratches from climbing trees. Adventures on tricycles. One child stares at an ant carrying a crumb, and a few others start a club in a garage. Certain factors encourage play. It is often easier home-based than institution-based. There should be space, and lots of free time. Children need to be outdoors (for hours). They need to make noise, mess, and to have access to raw materials (old clothes for costumes, hats, tables to turn into camps, etc., etc.). They need privacy from intruding adults, but they need interested support in quarrels, thinking of another way around a problem, providing food, and, at the end, bringing the children tactfully back into the world where supper is ready, the camp has to be packed up, children are tired and ready for the soothing routine of evening stories.” – For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

I get the question soooo much is, “When is school out?” It’s such a hard question to answer without going into either great detail, not not explaining at all. Truth is, we don’t “do” school around here, so there’s nothing to stop doing in the first place. Our school looks like the paragraph above and life is learning and so how do you put a pause button on that?  I choose not to pause the fun things. I choose not to pause real life.

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