Thrifty Thursday: The Best Thrift Find Ever!

Welcome to a brand new blog series called, “Thrifty Thursday!” I’m so excited to share with you the items and products that I find at thrift stores and make over. What is even more exciting is that I am doing this series with my sister, Kendra, over at her blog, Momtique. So after you’ve scrolled down this post, please head on over to her blog and see what she is doing with her thrifting finds!

I have been a thrifter since I knew thrift stores existed. The most exciting part of thrifting for me, is the hunt. I love to walk into a store, push up my sleeves and get my hands dirty (literally, please promise to wash your hands after every thrifting trip!) Sometimes I find items brand new, ready to be wiped down with a clean cloth and placed in my home. Other times I find items that need some work done to them, or I go shopping and pull together something that can make a great craft.

Today’s post is simple and sweet. I have a certain path that I walk when I enter a thrift store and one of the paths lead me to the table lamps. This particular time I was scanning the lamps and I came across one that looked just a hair above the caliber that usually shows up in thrift stores. I grabbed it, turned it upside down to find a label and sure enough…”West Elm” was right on the bottom. I looked up the serial number and it turned out to be the $169 Morten Table Lamp being sold for $14. Needless to say I held it close and didn’t let it go!


Thrifty Thursday with Amy SchuffThrifty Thursday with Amy Schuff



The lamp shade isn’t exactly the same one but that doesn’t bother me.

West Elm Morten Table Lamp


Unfortunately, West Elm does not have any more Morten lamps in stock, but I did find a few lamps for you that are absolutely adorable and are in the same mid-century modern style. You can find these on Amazon.




So you never really know what you are going to find at a thrift store! Don’t be scared…just go in…look around…they are magical places 🙂 🙂


Now head over to my sister’s blog, Momtique!!

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