Pretty Light and the Tree Swing

I apologize for my blogging absence! We are in the process of selling our house and the amount of work this old 1980’s tract home is demanding is just unreal! But we see the finish line coming up and we’re so excited to barrel through it to literally find “greener pastures.” If you would like to follow along on our house hunting journey, I post almost daily on Instagram :)

So tonight I found myself wanting to reach for my camera when I saw my littlest having a ball on the new tree swing. We’re praying a young family buys our house, so they can enjoy the treehouse and swing as much as we have. I shot maybe all of 10 minutes, threw them on my computer and edited very quickly. In all the hustle of this past month I’ve neglected taking photos with my big camera and it felt very good to get out and create some art of my own.

My message to you is, create art, even when you don’t feel like it. Even when the process is hard and trying. Take breaks, but don’t let the breaks last too long. That’s a piece of advice I’m still working on :)


Amy Schuff - Sacramento Family Photographer

Amy Schuff - Sacramento Family PhotographerAmy Schuff - Sacramento Family PhotographerAmy Schuff - Sacramento Family Photographer

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