A welcome change of scenery

Where have I been? Quite literally in the woods. I apologize for my blogging absence (I think I said that the last time I blogged!)  We took the past few months and did the unthinkable, we moved our family to the country. It happened so slow and so quick all at the same time. One day we were city folk, and the next day we were country people. Business wise, we’re still in the same general area, so I’m continuing to serve the Sacramento for photo sessions. Although now I am excited to expand my borders to the areas of Lake Tahoe, Grass Valley and Nevada City. Such wonderful cities are just within a short driving distance to us and I’m excited to see what new people I meet and photograph.

When we decided to move, we had a few prerequisites, and having a bit of land was one of them. All along I would say that I just wanted a small house on some land, and that is truly what we found! The house needs a lot of work and I plan to share all the before and afters here on my blog (as well as a more instant play-by-play on Instagram @amyschuff.) My vision is that one day I could have mini-sessions on our land, and I’ll tuck that dream away for the future.

As of now, we are in the beginning stages of a huge remodel and addition on the house. The days are going to get shorter and the work much, much harder, but I am still so committed to the people that call me their photographer. In this very moment I’m sitting at my desk, surrounded by box after box, just dreaming about the office that I will have one day 🙂 But a photographer can work in absolutely any condition and all I need is my camera and an internet connection (which is really spotty out here in the country!)

Thank you for sticking with me all these months and if you would like to book your Fall session, now is the time! Please contact me at amy@amyschuffphotography.com or the “Contact” tab above.’

Just a few photos from the place we now call home…


Amy Schuff Family PhotographerAmy Schuff Family PhotographerAmy Schuff Family PhotographerAmy Schuff Family PhotographerAmy Schuff Family Photographer


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