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June Photography Challenge Day 11 & 12: Something Blue & Sunset

I missed yesterday’s photo, so I decided to make it up by combining yesterday’s and today. My big girl willingly (after I bribed her) put on a pretty blue dress and played in the sunset for me. I think she’s just so pretty… Follow this link to the photo challenge I am participating in!

June Photography Challenge Day 10: Childhood Memory

It’s late. This photo should have been posted yesterday. But I didn’t take it until late in the evening. Just looking at it I’m positive it doesn’t make sense to anyone why it would be a photo to remind me of a childhood memory…but I will forever remember tonight and where I took this photo....

June Photography Challenge Day 9: Someone You Love

He graduated from Kindergarten tonight, my baby boy. Each day that passes is one step closer to him growing up, becoming the man that he is destined to be. I can’t help but think about it all, how he wore a paper cap tonight but years down the road he will wear a real one,...

June Photo Challenge Day 8: A Bad Habit

I drink 2-3 cups of Costco brand ground coffee made in my super fancy (code for old and hand me down) coffee maker, a good 1/4 cup of hazelnut creamer in one of my two mugs that I rotate. Every. Morning. No I’m not going to kick that bad habit any time soon. I looooove...

June Photo Challenge Day 7: Fruit

Fruit…not one of my favorite things to eat. I would rather have a vegetable if you can believe it! I very oddly had some lemons in my fridge for the fish that we had for dinner tonight, those paired with the gorgeous gardenia that grows right by my front door and you have two of...

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