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yellow bells (sacramento child photography)

Every year we look forward to taking photos in the yellow mustard flowers that pop up here in our part of Sacramento. My little family is so supportive and really allows me to photograph them when I want to. They know how much the yellow flowers mean to me! The sun wasn’t exactly in the...

Sweetheart (Sacramento Child Photographer)

She certainly was! This is just a quick sneak peek for her parents. They took advantage of the mini sessions that I’m offering right now and I am so glad they did! For more info please use this contact form: Sacramento Family Photography Mini Sessions

Back on her birthday…

…I took these photos the day after her birthday. I thought she was well enough to take some photos, but in looking at these pictures I can see the little bags under her eyes and how tired she looks. It’s such a sweet memory for me that I wanted to come back and post the...

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