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February 3rd, 2019

{Each day in February I will be posting a black and white image of my kids, (just one or all three!) This is a personal project I take on every year. Thank you for stopping by!} 3/28 I call this one, “A little timid.” Lily and her cat have a very unique relationship. As long...

A February of Black and Whites

Here we are, February 2019. It snuck up on me, and while everyone has been complaining that January was a long month…I felt it flew by! I almost didn’t do my February challenge this year, with all of the busyness of life! But my husband, who is my biggest fan, says he looks forward to...

February 28th, 2018

28/28 And with this photo…my 28 days of black and white images are complete. This by far has been the hardest month ever to complete a photo challenge. With homeschool, running a business and renovating a home, I truly thought this would be the year I’d have to give up. A huge thank you to...

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