Beautiful weather, the sun is out, the backyard is ready for little people to play in, dig holes in, find worms in. The kids could not be happier. I’m just praying the sun sticks around. f3.2, 1/1000, iso200


She has beautiful brown hair, short and shiny. She loves to brush it and wear it down. She always wants to wear crazy bows in it and loves to put every single clip she can find right in the front to hold her bangs back. She is Seven. She is Beautiful. f1.8, 1/160, iso2000 (See...


This morning I went with my kids on their school field trip to a nearby fire station. I have to admit…it was a lot of fun and extremely interesting. I greatly respect firemen & women and the huge sacrifice they make to keep us safe. My boy said he wanted to be one when he...


Every morning the same thing. You all ask for frozen waffles…and sigh when I tell you I’ve forgotten to get them at the store. Lily my tiny eater, you ask for something like popcorn, doritos or gummy bears. No my love, not for breakfast…then you throw a tantrum contrary to your petite stature. All three...


Today we braved the chilly Sacramento winds, explored new places to take photos and she got gum as a reward. Of course she either swallows it or chews it for hours. She’s tiny, a mere 30lbs on a good day. She isn’t fully potty trained yet and she still spends the last hour of sleep...

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